And here I was wondering what it meant to get 1337 likes, only to get this notification on the same day. By getting that number of likes in so little time, feels great. It means I’m now an elite; or so it seems😊.

I got this yesterday; but I decided to post it today. Its been 38 days of blogging; not even up to two months! And I’ve literally accomplished a lot of things. Last week, I reached 100 followers; and, now, this week, 200! I didn’t know I would go this far in so little time; when I decided to blog. This is amazing guys. I don’t know what to say anymore. It’s like boom! I keep getting notifications about achievements and stuff. More likes, follows, and lovely comments. It gives me to the strength and happiness to keep blogging. I am grateful. This is just amazing. A big thank you to everyone!!! Thank you! And I have something like a good surprise; kinda, for everyone. Stay tuned to find out what is it.


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          1. I feel the same every time someone comments something thoughtful on my posts, I actually lost quite a bit of sleep last night thinking about going through other peoples pages to talk with them more 🙂 Just remember you deserve it, hard work and dedication pays off <3

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