So my late aunty’s birthday is tomorrow; I talked about it some while back on a post. I’ve really been depressed; and I’m not one to talk about my feelings or something like that but how is it possible to stop feeling so sad? I’ve tried to smile but I end up breaking down and crying. Its hard to deal with this. It’s been so long; but it still hurts. I’m finally done with her tribute but I still feel depressed. This week has been really hard. I just don’t want tomorrow to come. It’s hard to deal with it. Each tear drop is more than the last. I loved her so much and it’s sad to know I can’t celebrate with her tomorrow. I’m just heart broken!


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  1. Hush.. dry those tears 😭…
    and smile because she was a happy 😊 part of your life..
    Go to the happy memories you shared and relive them..

    She is gone but will remain with you forever.. take her with you wherever you go.. and smile.. remembering all those little moments.. she was a part of

  2. This is sad to read lovely-I feel your pain and heartbroken feeling. Sometimes life really really hurts, and depression is a natural response to big hurts. I’m thinking of you, and sending you a hug ❤ ps. crying is healthy. I’ve done lots of that myself recently. Be kind to yourself while you are hurting so much ❤

  3. I am sorry for your aunties loss and completely understand where your coming from. However, I think your doing alright, just keep pushing through and remember all the amazing times you had together. Smile and remember one day you will see her again. Loss is so unexpected and unanswered for most. But, you have have to member their time on earth was served and she Concord all that she could. Remember she is beautiful and behind those tears you are too. Cheer up buttercup, it will be okay.

  4. Okoto Enigma, I know those tears well as my wife passed in August. She is in a better place as is my wife. Our duty and obligation to them and ourselves is to go forward with our life. I put a butterfly on my backpack in hope her spirit would walk with me but I know that while I am sad at times, any human life is a snapshot of time. We need to be ready as there are so many smiles to share and so many miles to walk. Seek joy, look for it, in her honor.

          1. I was wondering about the name okoto. From your picture I could easily identify you Nigerian, but I wanted to he sure. Are you in school?

          2. I was wondering about the name “okoto”. I could detect from your picture that you looked Nigerian, but I wanted to be sure.
            BTW, I like your writing.
            Are you in school?

  5. I can see comments on here, enough, me encouraging you now may be of no use but come to think of it. If you could see your aunt right now would she be happy that you still mourn her death?
    Will she want you to be happy?
    Emotions shouldn’t control you, if you keep up like this, i mean thinking of what tomorrow(her birthday) will be like….you will only make your happiness fade away for a time you should appreciate because of a life worth lived.

  6. i can understand your affection for her but believe me she would be looking at you and would be certainly proud of will hurt her more if you will get hurt, so just wipe off your tears and relish in your happy memories with her. 🙂

  7. She will watching over you always..with the guardian angels..and she is one among dont worry about it..i too have a sweet aunt, we love her soo much..once we all will be gone from this world leaving over beloved ones..wipe your tears and smile for her..she will be also happy.. 😄💙💜

  8. I’m sorry about your loss. Hang in there and know that it is okay to cry. In fact I have learned that it is better to cry than to hold in the pain and misery. So have a good cry and remember all the good times and memories with your Aunty. She will always be with you <3

  9. Honestly, reading through this comment section encouraged me greatly. Okoto, you are greatly loved. I usually have flashes of grief when i remember my late pa and it still seems unreal. Whenever i hear about a death or something related. It reminds me painfully that i am missing someone in my life. My sweet father.😢 anyway. The posts were encouraging though not to me but i drew strength. Be strong Okoto honey. Much Love😘

  10. I’m so sorry for your loss. I can definitely understand your pain. Just know that she’s looking down and watching over you! Use the love you both shared for each other as fuel to continue to make her proud. It’ll be OK soon enough Hun. Keep encouraged!

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