This isn’t really a warning; I’m just frustrated; so I’m expressing myself. As a blogger, I’ve tried to help other bloggers by telling them to set their site to automatically approve every comment and to check their spam folder regularly; but I can’t do more than that. It’s annoying when I leave a comment on someone’s post and it gets moved to the spam folder; then I have to keep commenting, telling them to check their spam folder and still, nothing. There’s no big deal in setting your site automatically approve all comments and checking your spam folder regularly. 

Yesterday, I tried to help someone who had an issue but because the person’s site is set to hold each comment in moderation; awaiting approval, my comment got moved to their spam folder and I was unable to help. It’s not only annoying when I leave a comment on someone’s post and that comment isn’t visible; it’s also frustrating trying to contact them just to tell them to check their spam folder. My site is set to automatically approve all comments, but I still find comments in my spam folder; that’s why I check regularly. 

So for that reason, and to avoid the frustration; I’ve decided that I’ll no longer comment on anyones post if their site isn’t set to automatically approve all comments. I know when someone’s site is set that way. So even if I have something to say, I won’t leave a comment any longer. 





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    1. Yeah sure. Just go to your settings you’ll see “Discussions”. Under it there’s “allow comments , send pingback, receive pingback and more” click “more”. When you scroll down a little, you’ll see where you can set your comments. It’s under “paging”. That’s for the WP app

  1. I don’t understand why people have such regulation about what comments they want to see and these are the people writing about government, bad politics and everything wrong in the world.!

  2. I appreciate your intents and efforts to help out.
    I understand your frustrations.
    Needless to say, that’s polite of you to respond to the matter in this manner immediately.

  3. Thanks for the warning Okoto, I’ve just realised that my painting challenge was also set up by default to only approve automatically if the comment author had been previously approved twice and they needed to enter name, email etc… what a daft set of defaults!

  4. I can understand why people want to see comments first, as often I have found my threads hijacked with links by other bloggers to divert to their blogs. I don’t mind but I do find it cheeky if it is done without permission.

    Thank you Okoto.

  5. You can always leave me your comments Okoto although mine is not an automatic. I check regularly everyday and furthermore there is always a notification when comments are made for my approval.

  6. awww please don’t stop commenting on my site – I check my comments regularly – I only keep mine set to moderate bc I am anonymous and occasionally someone who knows me slips and mentions a name. I wish it could be set to moderate only from outside viewers and not wordpress registered bloggers

  7. Thank you for this post. Thank you for this. After reading this I checked my spam comments section and oh my God I was shocked seeing so many there even though I’ve my settings to automatically approve.

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