​Hey everyone. I don’t really have much to say so I’ll cut to the chase. Well, this past two and the half months of blogging has been a great experience for me; and I loved every moment I get to spend with everyone in the blogosphere; sharing my thoughts, giving advice as well as receiving, and just doing what I love. I’m not dying😂 or deleting my blog; even though it sounds like it. But, after much thought, I’m thinking about taking a break from blogging; for just a week though. I won’t post anything; but I’ll still be around, reading posts and all that.

The reason for this break is to focus on myself; as well as find myself, if I can. Although I enjoy writing, my poems are draining me; and sometimes it feels like its the only thing i write. I want to do more “share your link” and “guest star” post, quotes of the day, photography, and also give tips to help bloggers grow; as well as talk about different things. But I can’t do that with poems flooding my mind; and also feeling like I’m just tired. 

But, at the same time, I don’t want to take a break because I love sharing my thoughts; and if I don’t, it’ll just eat me up from the inside and suffocate me. It’ll feel like leaving a bridge halfway done and wanting to get to the other side (if you know what I mean). So I’m basically stuck within a rock and a hard place.
What do you guys suggest I do? Because my thought is clouded; and it feels like I’m drowning in my own mind. Even while typing, I’m still using poetry! 

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  1. Hi, If you feel you need this little break, take it, you yourself only know how you feel inside, if it will bring you clarity and time to recharge your batteries, as I call it, we will all be here when you return, you will be missed even if it is only a week, but I am sure that the blogosphere will be here waiting for your views and topics on your great blog.
    Take care and see you soon………………………

  2. We all need and deserve time to re-energize….Bless yourself with the gift of Pampering Yourself…without a time limit my dear friend…I promise you will know the second to write…We will be right here excited to read your next poem…Eat Nourishing Food…Exercise..Fill the air with Aromatherapy..Geranium..Lavender..Marjoram..Basil..Neroli.. I have read are fantastic for those of us that work work the words from my Essential Oil ~ Aromatherapy Reference Book…”The Workaholics Bath” is Neroli 1 drop..Lavender 2 drops..Geranium 1 drop..but any that you love will work as well….get some good sleep…Love Love Love and Enjoy Pampering Yourself…Listen to Music..Dance..and have a Wonderful Happy Thanksgiving

  3. If I were you, just take a break. You’ll be way better off when you come back! (I started panicking when I saw this post because i thought you were deleting your blog lol.) See ya soon and enjoy yourself! If relaxing really bugs you, scribble down your poetry ideas as they come to you and expand on them later!

  4. do whatever feels right at the very moment you feel it…break or keep writing just make sure your heart is happie Im so sure you will figure this all out you are a very smart young woman <3

  5. Hello, I just follow your blog and I can really feel what you mean by your poems are draining you. Try look deeper and find out what’s exactly draining you? Is it the poems, or is it what’s inside the poems? I guess it’s best to accept, contemplate, and take a break if you need from what really drains you 🙂
    It’s okay to be tired, we all have our times *hugs*

  6. I think we all go through it. I know I do from time to time and it refresh my spirit and open my mind to new and creative ideas.
    So go for it and find yourself because we do and can lose ourselves with all that goes into writing.

  7. I think, thinking causes too much trouble. If your inspired to post, you should post. If you want to relax and recharge go for it. : ) Or you can do something different like challenge yourself to post one picture of something pretty once a day.
    Sometimes we need a break, but sometimes we just need something new to help us feel good about adding one thing of beauty in the world.

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