​After much thought and support from everyone in the blogosphere (love you all😚), I’ve decided not to take a break. But rather, I’ve decided to do something that’ll make me, as well as my fellow bloggers and readers happy. My blog is filled with my posts so, I’ve decided to spice it up a little. 

Before I start, this is for only people with Instagram and Twitter accounts (sorry); because I probably won’t read it if it’s in my email; or even respond. Now to business; I’ve decided to post the works of some of my amazing bloggers and readers; as it’ll make me happy and vice versa😀. So, if you have a quote, a photograph/piece of art work, and a poem (maximum of 15 lines), you can send it to me via Instagram and Twitter (don’t forget to follow). If I love it, which I know I will, I’ll post it on my blog and give you credit. It has to be written in English. 

Note 1: The work has to be your own. If it’s a  copied work, I won’t post it. And if I find out after posting it, I’ll delete it. You can send what you’ve already posted on your blog as well😊. 

Note 2: Even if you’re not a blogger (just a reader from outside the blogosphere), you can participate as well. I’ll also give you credit with your Instagram or Twitter username. 

Note 3: It’ll be one or two post from each person every week. Feel free to reblog and share for other interested bloggers/readers. 

And for those of you on Twitter, there’s a group chat for bloggers; if you’d like to join, follow me on Twitter and text me so I’ll add you to the group😄. I hope you guys participate because it’ll be so much fun.

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      1. I dont use either but what I am interested in is that you have found a wonderful solution that will generate good feelings for you and everyone you share! I am glad for you! It is a great idea! <3

          1. Need some more clarity.Can’t it be possible that you may ping back this new post of poetry ,A soldier : A son,a father &a husband from my blog or copy paste with my site URL from my post ? If not then let me know what all you will need in messages on Instagram and I will do 🙂 🙂

  1. Awh this is awesome that you are doing this for fellow bloggers. I wish I wasn’t lazy and would look for some poems I had written in middle school.. yes.. I know, shocking, me doing poetry. I was just telling another blogger, how I used to write poetry for fun and class assignments when I was a youngest. I found out my mom was a poet and two of my aunts were as well (one of them had their work published in a very popular magazine)- that still is popular til this day. I haven’t dabbled in it in a long time, probably won’t anytime soon. but In case I ever do stumble upon any of my written work, I will be sure to share it with you. I would share my mom’s but she would probably kill me! lmao!


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