I didn’t know if saying world or universe was better; so I chose world😅 because this is a thank you post for the world😀 or universe. I once did a Thank you USA post; click here to check it out; and I haven’t done another one; so here it is. That post was done when I was less than 2 months into blogging. And now, I’m well, 3 months into blogging; and I’ve gone quite a long way. So I decided to make this post before getting to 1k followers to show my appreciation for everyone.

I’ll start from my rank. According to my research, WP hosts over 60 million bloggers, and there are other blogging sites like Blogger. So technically, there are literally billions of bloggers out there, somewhere. Where am I driving to with all these? Well, I searched/graded my blog’s rank with alexa rank (if you don’t know what alexa is, you really need to find out), and I found out that my blog is ranked number 1,066,663 in the world. And I keep moving up because some days back I was at number 1,070,317, now, I’ve gone higher😊. Pretty impressive, considering that just WP has over 66 million bloggers😄. Thank you world!😊

To my second appreciation note/speech😅. My world map. I’ve gotten views from a total of 101 countries (I took my time to count it😅). And based on the research I just did, we have 195 countries in the world. If you check my Thank you USA post, you’ll see my total stats which have gone higher over time, as most of my views come from the WP community. It’s not as high as I’d like it to be; I obvi want more, but I’m grateful for the one I have right now. Considering the fact that only strangers for somewhere in the world visit my blog. Thank you world!😊 

My final appreciation note/speech. Thank you to everyone who has followed my blog, liked, reblogged, or shared a post, left a comment, and contributed to my blog one way or another. Thanks for participating in my random contest that isn’t a contest😅, for appreciating my poems, and all my other posts. Thank you to all the amazing friends I’ve made here on WP. Thanks but no thanks to my friends who don’t support me (what a shame) because time will tell😊. Thank you to basically everyone, and the world😊. My life is based on research as I always want to find out and learn more. So thank you internet. 

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  1. I didn’t know Alexa could do search rankings like that. I may have underestimated her capabilities just a tad. Congratulations on your growing blog! I have no idea how mine stacks up but randomly I noticed a spike in Google referrals. It’s always exciting to see blogs grow even if they’re not my own. 😊 Great work! Keep it up!!!

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