Hey everyone. I know my blog is slowly turning into lifestyle blog because I barely post poems (new one will be up in 2 hours), I no longer do “share your link” posts, and I no longer post blogging tips (I’ll try to write on it soon). Rather, I post random lifestyle stuff that one one cares about😂. On the bright side, I can say my blog is a lifestyle blog; instead of saying “I write on different things” which isn’t too professional😅. And on the other hand, I enjoy posting different things that I can’t label😅 So, I’ll stick to everything I do; but less lifestyle. 

Lately, I’ve been talking about my goals because somehow, the universe manages to make me remember them so I can accomplish everything. Well, part of my goals ( number 14), was to finally make it public that I’m a blogger; and after having an app which is an accomplishment, it should be easy; kinda. I guess the universe knew I couldn’t do it. So, somehow, someway, one of my older sister’s found out about it. I still have no idea how she knows, but she does. She didn’t really react weird to it; but, she decided to create her own blog. She’s now a blogger on WP; the best community of bloggers😄. I have to support her; so if guys would please visit her blog@ ElenaOkoto and give her a follow. She just started so I have very little idea on what she plans to do. But you can find out by following her😊 I guess I have to do it as well😅. That’s two bloggers in the family😉

That’s all for now; look out for my poem in the next two hours.

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