​Where do I start? Ok. Well, as most of you know; except the new followers, I’ve always done “share your link” post, among others, to help bloggers connect; one of the reasons I also created the Mystery Blogger Award. I stopped “share your link Friday” last year for reasons which I stated, and I said I’d continue doing “share your link” post which I stopped as well.

Some days ago, a blogger asked me why I stopped it, and my reason was because I felt like on one was, or very few people were interested in it. He wants me to continue because he gets lots of followers from it😅 But, I refused, and he suggested I get people’s opinion instead; which is what this post is all about. I wanted to do share your link post regularly; I even created a category for it so it would be easy to group it. But when I saw that very few people were interested, I decided not to go on with it because it felt pointless and unnecessary. 

But, before I finally make a decision; to go on or stop it once and for all, I want to get everyone’s opinion; especially from those who participated in it. Should I continue with it? Or should I forget about it? If I go on, it’ll either be on a regular basis (once every month/once every two months), or when I feel like which will seldom happen. And, if I continue and it feels like no one’s interested, I’ll have to stop it for good. So, what are your thoughts, ideas, or suggestions? 

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  1. Hey hi, I am a believer so if you would ask me I would say continue doing it as if your act could center change one person’s experience it’s worth the effort.May be you could be selective meaning, only a post that really made a difference and you feel it would connect to different kinds of readers. Also, when followers increase it becomes difficult for some to keep up with reading everyone’s post. Sometimes your liking towards a different set of bloggers increases, these could be some of th reasons sometimes responses on certain posts change. Again as long as you feel your effort can move one stone out of the zillion rocks, It’s worth it. 🙂 Have a wonderful day

  2. I think you should keep doing it. It would give your followers a chance to look at different types of blogs and discover others and their ways of life.

  3. You have to do what is best for you. Overall, I’ve also noticed people don’t care about stuff like that. In the end, I feel people just want free help and not really to be supportive, so I stopped doing stuff like that on my blog.

          1. Hmm, I guess I haven’t experienced the competition part. I used to be on a site called Wattpad, and that website was all about popularity and competition. It’s so bad there. I swear that website puts writers against one another. Thankfully, I haven’t seen any of that on WordPress, yet.

          2. Oh, I see hahah. Yes, they do, a lot! The fights are so bad there that people battle on the threads and have rant books against one another. Seriously, I’ve had writers band against me and attack my work. Not only that, all the “popular” writers look down on the other writers and stop speaking to them. It’s a scary place – a very scary place. Hmm, I guess it’s like high school for writers lol.

          3. You’re welcome! And your image is correct! I don’t know if you’ve heard about that site before, but yep, it is writers pretty much fighting all the time.

          4. Hahah, good idea, and you have earned yourself a follower :3 I also love the WP community, and I’m so happy I decided to stay here and leave Wattpad behind =)

  4. I think it sounds like a really cool idea, but it’s your blog and your content. if you feel like it’s beneficial for your blog and you enjoy it, then do it. if you’d rather do another post in its place, then do that 🙂 x

  5. I would love the chance to see if there is a community of bloggers that can find each other and share our common interests? Right now, the blog scene is really quiet over at my little space. I used to be part of a really wonderful blogging community until they shut the platform down, and we all moved to facebook. It wasn’t the same. And now, it feels as if there is some kind of full circle thing going on, and I’m back to blogging and hoping to be part of a writing and sharing community again – without the inundation of all that facebook has become. Maybe it’s a pipe dream, and that kind of community is not possible in the environment that social media has created.

    I said all that to humbly ask that, if you are still willing, maybe give some of us newcomers a chance to meet and greet and see where it leads?

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