You might be wondering what I did again because now, I do so many things😅. Long story short, I spent hours and hours trying to upload a linked image banner on my website for my app on Google play so whenever a visitor is on my site, they can easily download my app just by clicking on the banner which immediately takes them to Google play. After so many hours of trying, I finally got it done. Now, all you have to do is scroll to the bottom of my site and click on this image which you’ll find there:

and it’ll automatically take you to Google play where you can download my app if you haven’t. Don’t forget to rate and review😊 Thanks to my blog, I’ve learned so many things I never thought I could learn about or even know! It’s so cool. Hard work does pay off. I’ll do another when my app is published on Apple store😊 I plan to write a post titled “The life of a blogger” which will talk about my experience as a blogger, how far I’ve gone in four months of blogging and what I’ve achieved so far. 

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  1. cool…Im sitting often totally mad because i can’t install things haha but I’m not trying anymore (my site is hosted by wordpress so its impossible to install any plugin).. also I’m studying web design now, hopefully it will help in the future..how difficult it was to create an app btw?

          1. great! you can make much more then with your blog.. i chatted with wordpress developer yesterday bcz i wanted to install editorial calendar, and he told me – all things possible with self-hosted domain only.

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