I haven’t been active lately but like I said, I’m preparing for my exam which starts next week and my exam comes first. Well, the Valentine apocalypse is upon us😅 thanks but no thanks to everyone who reminded me when I didn’t even know what day it was; I wore black today; although I found a nice red shirt to wear, I decided to keep it and go all black instead😀. 

If you’ve read my post on WHAT IS VALENTINE?? and HOW TO LOVE BEING SINGLE ON VALENTINE’S DAY, you’ll know how I feel about Valentine and also that I give the best advice you can find 😅 But February is fast though😐 February started just a few days ago and now it’s almost over! My birthday is in 10 days; it’s way too fast!!! I can’t deal😅 January was as slow as my social life😂 but February is really fast; I mean slow down a little! On the positive side, I get to finally buy my domain and go self hosted. But it’ll be okotoenigmasblog.com instead. I don’t really care if anyone says it’s long because in the end, it’s my stuff. And I’m also turning 19 as well; I feel old😅 This whole growing up thing is too much; and we only get a year😅 

Back to Valentine. Happy birthday to my grandma Susie @susiesopinions.wordpress.com ❤ You’re an amazing individual and I love you so much!! So glad to have met you among others😊 I wish you the very best. And also, Happy birthday to Monica❤. So not my Expectation😅 Happy Valentine’s days to every non Valentine hater as well😂

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