​This year has really been a great year for me; more than I can even put down in words; and I’m more than thankful to God for everything😁 My blog has been in a really good place😊; I broke my record for most views in a day with 670 views this year, my record for most likes in a day with 257, and I’ve reached 1.6k followers; all in 5 months of blogging. My birthday is this week Friday; on the 24th, and I’m planning to get my domain on or after my birthday and hopefully monetize as well (I’ll write a post about that soon enough).😉

But, among everything, the creme de la creme is having an app for my blog which is available on Google play; click here to download it; don’t forget to rate and review😊 And now, my app is available on Apple store. Yaaaay!!😄 Best birthday present yet😉 First off, the Google play version has been updated/changed so it’s the same with the Apple store version. I present to you, my new app layout. Here, you can find the homepage; there’s an “about me” below but I didn’t save that😅

Here’s the blog section; the main thing.

Couldn’t wait for it to process 😅

 It also has a recent post column;

And my favs, the archives colomn where I found posts I forgot about. Can’t believe I forgot some posts I had written😂

And finally, when you click those three parallel lines beside the archives, you’ll find my social network section where you can connect with me😊

The first app was great but this one is amazing. I love the style, the homepage, the pictures, and everything. It’s perfect and I’m so grateful for this😃 So, without further adou, my app is now available on Apple store as Okoto Enigmas Blog; I’ll try to get the link later. This is so exciting!!!!😀 Also, I’ve successfully written two of my exams and with a huge smile on my face, I can say it was really great. I’m super excited with everything at the moment😄

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