Hey guys 😊 Ok I know lately I’ve been talking a lot about my blog but it’s only logical! I was kind of inactive in February; I just want To keep you guys up to date with the latest development 😊 But don’t worry; I’m almost done with everything I need to do so I won’t talk about my blog so often; hopefully! 😅 

As most of you might know, I’ve gotten my domain which is now okotoenigmasblog.com 😊 (so cool). And now, if you’ve noticed, I’ve also changed my theme to give my blog a more professional and clean look. It wasn’t easy btw; I went through like a hundered themes and ended up choosing 2; which took so many hours. Then I spent hours again deciding between the two themes; testing and all that until I finally came to a decision😀. Finally, I activated and customized my theme which was a load of work😅 After two days and so many hours, I finally finished setting up my blog. I was a Nervous wreck though😅. So, without further ado, I present to you, the new theme for Okoto Enigmas Blog…or you can just view my blog on your browser; preferably on a laptop because it looks nicer there😉 Now my blog looks and sounds professional 😊

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  1. Finding a theme that you really like really does take time. At least you don’t have to code like web designers do. I really like this one better. It’s much lighter than the last one.

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