Hey everyone. Good news!!! Luckily for me, I was able to migrate my followers; while a WP staff migrated the stat to the new site and for the first time, I can say “thank you WP” because the forum helped me😀 On the other hand though, you guys won’t be able to receive notifications from my blog via email; but you can if you subscribe to receive notifications from my blog via email. If you’re using the WP reader, view this post in your browser. Also, if you’re on your phone, scroll to the bottom; you’ll find the subscription widget there. If you’re using a computer, I guess you can see it😅

How happy I am right now 😅 maybe crazy but all the same😂

With that said, guess who’s back to posting duties!!! This girl🙋😄 I missed posting though 😊 On a different note, what do you guys think of my new theme? It looks good right?😉 I know I should’ve written blog posts during the time I didn’t post anything; but I was too angry to think about stuff😅 and as you know by now, I never really plan my blog posts; I just write whatever comes to my mind😅 If you use the WP app or reader to view my comment on your site, and you click my name, it takes you to the old site. But, if you use the browser, and you click my name, you’ll be redirected to my new site. I’m not getting notifications yet; not sure, so I might not respond to things on time.

One more thing; my likes could not be transferred so I disabled it in the browser because it was so horrible seeing a post with no likes when that post had over 100 likes. Besides; there’s no way of getting it all back so I turned it off. Also, “thank you” to everyone who supported me during such a time; when the transfer was more of a pain than a good thing. And, “thank you” to everyone who was patient as well😊 I really appreciate all the help, suggestion, and support. And most importantly, thank you God🙏. That’s all😀

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  1. Congrats that the migration went smoothly. To avoid that migration process, I went straight to have my personal domain and now on premium subscription and I am loving it. 😉

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