Hey guys. Lately it’s seems like I haven’t been active but, it’s all thanks to the stupid WP reader.My posts no longer show up in the reader; and its super annoying! I really hate when it happens because it feels like I’m just writing for myself.

I advice downloading my blog app (Okoto Enigmas Blog) from App store or Play store; whichever, so you can keep up with, and never miss out on any of my post. Its advisable if you don’t want to miss out on any of my post😊 So, if you download it, don’t forget to rate and review😉 Other people use it to keep up with my posts because it’s effective and good; so why not? That’s all for now; hopefully this annoying phase will pass soon enough. Have a great friyay guys😀

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  1. I downloaded the app a while back. So now I will have to rethink self hosting. But with anything you have annoyances which I call kinks to workout.

  2. This is now happening to your blog ,too? Me ,too. Not all of the blogs I follow end up in my reader, and not all of my followers get my posts. Do you use

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